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Who Are Customer Service Providers?

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Given the importance of customer service, it will inevitably be the case that any company will have to place a strong focus on ensuring that the people within the business do their jobs as required. Any commercial enterprise may have several layers of staff responsibility, and the jobs done by these members may vary considerably. What they all have in common is their importance to business lies in their ability to do what is required, and how it should be done. Just about anyone can get one of these elements right, and most will be able to do two. Customer service providers have to get all three.

In any business, a customer service provider is someone whose performance of their role is important to the overall result for the customer. Most customers will not care much for what happens behind the scenes in a company, as long as they can count on their needs being fulfilled. It is therefore the focus of every member of staff to see to it that their job is done without it being necessary for urgent action to be taken. The element of customer service that most customers will notice in any given transaction is that which happens in full view – how the salespeople speak to them and how their inquiry is dealt with. But to get to that point, many other things also need to be done correctly.

It could be argued that every member of staff within an organization has an element of customer service provision within their responsibilities. It may be something as simple as ensuring that stock is placed where it needs to be placed. It may be something that appears to be entirely divorced from the sales service, such as the work of a security guard who ensures that the store is secure at all times so that everything runs smoothly. One way or another, all of these will impact on the customer experience, and getting it wrong will mean that a company is failing to provide customer service at the level that is expected of them.

Case Study

Dave was applying for a customer service job at a paper selling company. Before he sent in his application, there was a short test. Dave was able to easily recall information on the types of customers. The internal ones that are buyers within the company, and the external ones that make up the day to day sales of the company. Dave was accepted into the job and used his skills in customer service to help promote business within the company. He was always kind and honest when helping a customer, and did so in the most efficient way possible. This made it very clear that Dave did indeed deserve the job.